Bazaar A Marketplace for the Mind

Bazaar is a innovative and creative therapeutic intervention that has a strong evidence basis for reducing symptoms of anxiety, depression, low mood, stress and panic attacks.


Bazaar blends elements of cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness to help you to understand your mind, giving you the tools you need to support yourself now and in the future.


See below Bazaar’s motive and mission followed by a breakdown of the programme’s different chapters.

Motive Mission
#01 Without Borders

What is CBT? How does it work? Learn about the causes of anxiety & depression. Study the Vicious Cycle and begin your Mood Diary.

#02 Broken Records

What are problematic thoughts? Learn how to set SMART aims and make small changes that create a big impact.

#03 Shape and Form

Small Changes, Big Impact! (continued). Distraction techniques. Twisted Thinking.

#04 Walk With Me

Mindfulness, what is it? Having a mindful approach, and how to deal with thoughts.

#05 Strike A Light

Challenging Twisted Thinking. Thought Records (advanced). Re-evaluating thoughts. Problem solving solutions. Understanding other issues.

#06 Room To Grow

Root Beliefs. Identifying themes. Getting to the roots and challenging Root Beliefs.

#07 The Fire

Explanatory style: what is it and how can we use it? Responding to positive and negative events. Self-compassion. The Chimp Paradox

#08 Beyond The Grid

Positive Psychology. The Thought Bully. Positive statements & reminders. Setbacks. Self-help resources.

"The programme has been exceptional with the feedback including comments such as 'life saving' and 'ground breaking'. We have seen huge reductions in anxiety and depression levels of those who have accessed this support.” - Debbie Rogers at Sean's Place

“A positive mental health intervention that I genuinely believe has been really impactful.” - Anna Thompson at Northumbria University

"I've worked closely with Bazaar for around 6 months and I cannot speak highly enough of the course and the team behind it. I would highly recommend it to anyone." - Adam Hugill at Manchester Met University

"Working with staff at Bazaar made the process easy to introduce to our wider community. Their expertise in this area as well as their professional approach allowed us to roll-out the programme in a short timescale with ease. Their continual guidance and input was greatly valued throughout the programme and beyond. It was a pleasure to have been involved with the programme and I am delighted that it made a real positive difference to many individuals." - Jane Remmer at University of Liverpool

"Incredible programme of support for those suffering with low level mental health challenges, this structured but innovative programme is changing the face of early mental health 'intervention' by providing real life examples of how to make small changes over a period of time that can have a huge positive impact on wellbeing." - Rachel Daley at Positivitree

"I found the sessions really helpful and now I have a better outlook on life and have been happier ever since. Thank you so much!"

"Service excellent. Experience excellent. Highly recommended."

"I'm doing a lot better and it helped enormously."

"I am forever grateful for the sessions I took part in. I knew I was in safe hands and found the distraction techniques, mindfulness, thought bully and thought tracking really useful and these are tools that I intend to use for life."

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